on the Carpathian Green Infrastructure


Thank you for filling out this short questionnaire aimed at identification of major undertakings implemented in your country and related the Carpathian green infrastructure.

For this purpose, green infrastructure should be considered as a strategically planned, spatially coherent network, composed – depending on the spatial scale – of such elements as for example:

We are interested in basic, key characteristics of undertakings:

More than one option can be selected in check-boxes below. Please, feel free to leave blank if irrelevant or no information available.

Please, use a separate questionnaire for each undertaking.

Thank you very much for your time and help! Please, contact us via e-mail should you have any doubts or questions.

1. Title of the undertaking
2. Formal status / character of the undertaking
government-related (e.g. implemented within routine, statutory duties of state authorities, governmental agencies etc. – or as a government-commissioned assignment to outside contractors)
government-independent (NGO project, research grant, etc.)
3. Geographic scope

selected area/s (location/s) within the country’s Carpathian region
the whole Carpathian region in the country
the country’s Carpathian region (whole or in part) and other areas, up to the whole country
part of an international undertaking
other (please, briefly describe)
4. Purpose / scope of the undertaking
diagnosis (e.g. basic research, inventory, assessment of state, identification of threats, etc.)
planning of measures (e.g. strategy, action plan/programme, legal acts, etc.)
implementation of measures
5. Context in which the undertaking relates to green infrastructure
biological diversity
ecological connectivity
ecosystem services
climate regulation, climate change mitigation and/or adaptation
spatial management, landscape management
agriculture, rural development
water management, flood/drought protection
urban development
other aspects of sustainable local development (e.g. tourism)
6. Implementation status (as of March 2018)
planned or awaiting implementation in the near future (e.g. project proposal submitted)
7. Source of further, more detailed information about the undertaking
Coordinating institution (name, contact information):

Formal owner of project outputs (name, contact information):


Other, e.g. source of the final report, database, publication etc. (preferably in English)
The questionnaire was completed by:





Thank you very much for your cooperation!
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